7 Facts That Parents Need to Know About Learning Disabilities and Special Education!

Are you the parent of a child with a learning disability receiving special education services? Would you like to learn a few useful facts about learning disabilities (LD) that you can use to advocate for your child? This article will discuss 9 things that you should know to benefit your child.Statistic 1: 27 million public school students were identified as having a learning disability in 2007. This is 5.2% of the entire school population.Statistic 2: Boys comprised 2/3 of this number while girls only comprised 1/3. Why does it affect boys more than girls? It may be due to the presence of Co-morbid conditions (conditions that tend to occur together). More boys than girls are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and this condition is often co-morbid with LD”s.Statistic 3: LD children make up 44% of all school children that are identified as having a disability.Statistic 4: Students with LD’s are more likely to be retained in a grade as their non disabled peers.Statistic 5: LD students are disciplined at a much higher rate that their non disabled peers. Why is this? In my opinion this is because of lack of an appropriate education; children get frustrated and develop behavioral difficulty.Statistic 6: High school drop out rate for LD children is 25% which I believe is higher than the regular drop out rate.Statistic 7: Employment for LD adults is 55% compared to 76% of their non disabled peers. Not being able to get and keep a job will prevent the adult from living their full potential.Why are these statistics important? Because they show, that children with LD’s make up most of the categories of disability in special education. School districts need to do a better job of educating these children and preparing them for adult life.These children need to be given early intensive remediation that is scientifically research based to help children learn! These children need to have access to the regular education curriculum and state standards, and work toward a regular education diploma! Special education personnel need to ensure that these children are ready for post school learning, employment, independent living and financial self sufficiency. Use these facts to advocate for an appropriate education for your child!

Xbox 360 Games – Explore the Varied Dimensions of Interactive Games

With every passing day the lifestyle of various people is tremendously changing. Earlier what people used to do the whole day can now be dome just within one hour. This has actually become possible due to the development of various innovative gadgets. Like in the earlier case the computers can give a good justification. Another instance can be elaborated with the case of the mobile phones. Few years back people just desired if mobile communication was possible then life would have been much easier. But then the up-gradation process is always on the toll as mobile phone came into use.Now in the domain of games situations have also changed a lot till date. During the earlier times people used to think games help to keep the children physically fit and almost all the games used to be outdoor games. But inventions obviously took place in this arena too. The mindset of the people gradually changed with every passing date. The basic concept also changed totally. Nowadays it is believed games actually help in the mental and physical development of the gamer. As such, the introduction of the gaming consoles such as Xbox 360 has not shocked the modern people. These gadgets come embedded with various attractive and exciting games which are basically very interactive as they enthral the gamers throughout the gaming process. Furthermore, these games are adorned with attractive animations and illustrations that even the grown up find interesting to play such innovative games.Various top notch companies have plunged into this arena to offer high end gaming gadgets and that also at very attractive prices. The latest and the advanced Xbox 360 have made their presence felt in the market due to their various innovative and high-end features. This gaming widget comes adorned with very sophisticated gaming features which facilitate the gamers to explore the new dimension of electronic gaming. Though this gadget is enhanced with various high end features, it weighs merely 7.7 lbs and has dimensions of 83 x 309 x 258 mm. The high-end wireless gaming controllers assist the players to access the various gaming functions at ease. A rechargeable battery also comes along with this gadget which has the potential to deliver 30 hours of play time without any hassles or interruption. What is more, the 60 GB hard drive would permit you to store your most preferred shows, trailers, and music tracks at ease. This widget has the capability to optimise the displayed games at 16:9 aspect ratio and this offers excellent and crystal clear pictures. Furthermore, the headset which comes along with this gadget would facilitate you to chat with your friends even while watching movies or playing games.Some of the latest Xbox 360 games are Kung Fu Panda, Top Spin 3 and Battlefield, Rock Revolution, NCAA Football 09 and Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over mutant et. These exclusive games would rejuvenate your strategies and permit you to explore the new generation games. New and innovative features adorn these latest games and as a player anybody can track the progress by passing the different levels. It is also a fact to pass every level one should try to improve his or her skills and build up new strategies to exlopre the next and the tough levels.One can easily find the cheap Xbox 360 games in the online stores. The downloading option would further facilitate you to get your favourite games without any hassles. These latest Xbox games would definitely add extra spice to your gaming skills and satisfy you both with their cheap price and high-end features. These interactive games would ensure good work out and even help in the mental development of your children. It is also obvious when varied options are available one should always opt for the best and the most effective.